About Me

Hello Nail lovers!!  I'm a full time hair stylist, freelance makeup artist, beauty vlogger/blogger, mother of two, wife and a new nail blogger.  WHEW!  I enjoy all things beauty related.  I'm passionate about all of the things I listed above.  

A few years ago I decided to let go of my acrylic nails.  For one I was spending my fill in money on makeup!  Ha!  So my polish addiction began.  I had been wearing acrylics forever....since I was a teenager.  I wanted to finally wear my own nails.  

 The problem was after so many years of wearing acrylics(I was a nail biter prior to acrylics) my nails were thin, split, ridged and raggedy.  I began to research how to get my nails in top shape.  Well this lead me to you tube, you tube lead me to nail blogs and nail blogs lead me to Instagram.  The nail community has grown and I've found so much inspiration.  

After reading blogs and scoping out pics on Instagram I wanted to blog my own progress.  I started to pay attention to the detail in others pics.  I didn't want to jump into nail blogging without doing some research.  So after some research I decided to start my nail blog to share my hobby.  Also to see my growth and document it.  

I'm still a work in progress but I hope you stick around to see my progress.  

Thanks for stopping by!!  XOXO

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