Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cuticle cream:Hard as hoof


I'd say about 2 months after I came out of acrylics I stumbled upon this cuticle cream. I had always had weak nails, mostly due to keeping my hands in water the majority of my day.

All I wanted was strong nails. After a week or so of using this product I was sold! My nails became hard seemed like instantly. I did apply it almost 3-4 times through out the day and once again at night before bed.

After getting my nail strength up and my nails began to grow rapidly . Almost to the point they were too long for me to handle! I began to slack up on using it. Needless to say my nails began to break, but remained rather strong. I eventually had fell off the wagon and stopped using it all together. I thought my base coat I was using was aiding in my nail strength.

Fast forward. This winter has been rough on my hands and nails. I had start to notice my nails were peeling and very dry along with my cuticles. I also began to get a few hang nails here and there. I've tried to narrow down what it could be. I research all the time and I was researching and scrolling through Instagram the other day and someone had a pic of this and a light bulb went off! Duhhhh I needed to go back to what worked!!

I also discovered my trusty OPI Nail Envy original may also be contributing to the peeling. I had been using it religiously for I know a year straight! So for my last manicure I switched back to what I used when coming out of acrylics which was my nail tek II. So I will see how it goes . But I will definitely keep hard as hoof as my daily cuticle cream along with my regular cuticle oil mix.

I hope this post was helpful for anyone trying to repair their nails and build unbelievable strength!


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