Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Essie Pound Cake | Chevrons and a Sugar Rush

So this manicure ended up much different than I envisioned. That always seem to be the case.
I picked up a few polishes the other day and for today's manicure the Milani stood out the most for me to use. When I bought it I wanted to make a "jelly sandwich" with it. I thought that a nude polish would definitely give the reflects of peach, gold and green in this polish a perfect backdrop.
So I decided to go with my Essie "Pound Cake". Oh and BTW the name of the Milani polish is "Sugar Rush". How fitting! One big ole sweet idea...pun intended.:) I normally do a test run on a nail prior to my bases that I use. With my test run the "pound cake" seemed to be of jelly texture and less opaque. So I made the sandwich and it looked pretty good. I also decided I was going to do the tape method of making chevrons and add those to the accent nails. No need to practice that because it seemed simple enough right? Wrong? Lol I used the wrong tape and with my first nail it wasn't dry enough, too much glitter polish(salon care by sally Hansen) and pulled up some of the polish. Omg what a mess!

After I applied my first coat of "pound cake" it had that jelly formula but it appeared to be more opaque. I decided to skip the Jelly sandwich and wear the "sugar rush" just as a top layer. Once the chevron design went to the left I decided a single chevron would work well with a silvery/goldish striping polish. Needless to say this was the outcome.

Here is a pic of "Pound Cake" with no topcoat.
I'm also working on my lighting and camera settings so my quality of pics hopefully will improve soon. Thanks for reading!

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