Saturday, April 5, 2014

Nail care and growth.


So my nails grew out to a nice length that I loved. Well that was short lived as the other day I noticed they were feeling softer.

I began to make sure that I kept hardner on them. My go to for nail base and hardner is OPI's Nail Envy and Essie's Grow Stronger. I apply these faithfully every time I do my nails. To no avail I had a chip on each hand. I decided to chop them down to nubins and start over.

I still have some free edge to them and I'm pleased because at this length they are very strong. Also I know how to grow them out fast.

Being I take several measures to grow my nails quickly I decided to share a few of my secrets to growing nails quick.

Here are a few of my tips:

I give myself a manicure once a week.

I make my own cuticle oil(vitamin E oil and Castor oil).

I use hand cream and cuticle cream( various ones...the ones I like I've already blogged about).

When I apply my cuticle oils and creams I push my cuticles back as well.

Lately I've been using Nutra Nail 5-7 day growth.

If you are struggling to get your nails to grow I hope this helps some.


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