Friday, April 11, 2014

Pastel Peach/Orange spring nails


I've been really into my pastel polishes lately. Pastel colors just say SPRING to me. Also I love a great peach colored polish.

This will be a quick post as I'm playing catch up. This mani was so easy to do and no nail art brushes were used or acrylic paint. So if you don't have those items don't worry, you don't need them.

I used Kleancolors pastel peach polish as a base and a white polish on. My accent nails as a base. For the accent nails I used different pastel colored polishes and just dropped little dots in different spots and in some over lapped dots for the design.

With the other nails with the pastel peach base I started with a white polish and made a cloud like design, then added another pastel green cloud like design on top of the white and then a pink cloud like design over the green. I then added top coat.

So easy and simple to do!


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