Sunday, May 11, 2014

Glisten & Glow H K Girl Top Coat Review


For several weeks I've been meaning to do this post on my new favorite Top coat.

I will start with saying that not only in this post but any post that I do a review that the thoughts, review and comments are my own. As of to date I have never been compensated for my reviews or thoughts on any product. These are my actual feelings and thoughts towards any product I use. As a huge consumer of beauty products I really don't know any other way than being honest when it comes to purchasing of beauty products. If I like it I will rave about it, if I don't like a product I'm pretty secure with stating I dislike a product, my problem with the product or any issues I have. The same goes with any customer service or service I receive that is beauty related.

Now on to my new favorite top coat!

So when I first decided to start nail blogging and really paid attention to the nail community on Instagram. I saw so many independent Indie and nail brands. All of this was new to me as I had always bought from local beauty supplies and drugstores for polish. Besides eBay and Amazon of course.

I kept seeing all the nail bloggers and enthusiast show pictures of Glisten and Glow H K Girl Top coat. As I stated earlier I will be honest. I thought to myself why would I order top coat? So I checked out the website and saw it was a few dollars more than my Seche Vite. So really why would I wait for top coat to come when I could just go to Ulta, Wal Mart or Cosmo Prof.

Well as I'm searching Instagram one day a site called Color4nails(not sure of the correct spelling) showed some Indie polishes that they sold. They sold a variety of different brands, including Glisten and Glow. I believe I did a post of my haul. I ordered the top coat and couldn't wait to see if the hype was real!

Upon receiving my order I immediately went to polish my nails with my new purchases and added the top coat. Well let me back up just a wee bit. When I received my order it was winter and we had a few snow storms. Also one of the other Indie brands I ordered the bottle was cracked. I transferred it and no biggie. As I applied the top coat I waited the amount of time I usually do with my Seche Vite and the top coat was still wet. So I thought maybe it was the other Indie brand I applied under the top coat(it was a holo polish). So I tested it on a nail wheel with a regular polish and the same thing happened. So then I did one of my nails and once again the same thing happened. So I then shook the bottle and again same thing. I touched my nail wheel where I had applied the top coat which by this point had been at least 20 minutes, still wet! I said to myself..."Something has to be wrong"!

Needless to say I decided I'd go back to my Seche Vite and just use the Glisten and Glow on swatches and test nails on my nail wheels. I didn't want to throw it away, I didn't want to complain about the product because I had other issues with the company I purchased it from and that week was not a good week for me with my online purchases. I didn't want to come off as a new complainer. Plus I didn't order it from the actual website.

As weeks went on and I'd pick the bottle up from time to time to use to finish a swatch or test nail, I'd maybe touch the nail by accident or hit it and realized there was no damage done to my nails. So one day I used it to finish my nails and touched like literally less than a minute later it was dry! I mean completely dry! No smudging, moving or finger prints! I was amazed! It worked! It worked!

So I thought why it may not have worked in the beginning when I first bought it. I realized the weather may have played a part. As you can see I've since ordered more and I now just let it get room temperature before using.

I apologize for the long post but I wanted to share my true experience with this product and also just sing the praises of how such a wonderful product it is.

I've read other reviews were they've stated that it doesn't work well over glitter polish. I find that I can use maybe two coats and it works fine. I still have an issue with the holo polish that I ordered, but my other holos it works well with. The shine that it gives the nails are impeccable! It puts Seche Vite to shame. In my opinion it dries faster than Seche Vite. No shrinking of your polish and really helps with getting your polish to last. I usually do my nails 3-4 days a week but some weeks I can't do them as often and this top coat has really helped my nail polish as far as less chipping and maybe getting an extra day or two out of them.

Here are a few of my favorite pics where I used the Glisten and Glow and you can see the super shine!







Once again I apologize for such a lengthy post. Please check out Glisten and Glow H K Girl top coat at .


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