Tuesday, May 20, 2014



I have a quick review today of OPI's Push and Shove.

I've had this polish for a while now and hadn't used it. I heard good and bad reviews of this polish but wanted to make my own assumption.

I have swatches below but I will say before hand that a base polish came with the polish but I didn't think to use it till after I realized it didn't work well with my base coat which is OPI nail envy.

1 coat no base coat


2 coats no base coat
2 coats with top coat

I was basically swatching for my blog. Usually when swatching for blog purposes I never use base coat. So I couldn't figure out what everyone was complaining about it being streaky. I decided I liked the finish and I'd skip top coat and wear them as my mani for today. Well here's what happened after applying OPI nail envy mixed with essie grow stronger base coat:


1 coat over nail envy which I have essie grow stronger mixed in.


2 coats and it seems to level out some.
2 coats and some clean up! Lol

My final conclusion on this polish is if I were to use it again I'd still use my base coats but add the base coat that came with it as a second base coat.

I own a similar shade by Essie. I can't think of the name off hand but I think this has more shine and a more mirror like affect than the Essie. But all in all, I Iove it and it is my manicure for today. I didn't put any top coat on but I think I will wear it for a few days until I return to work where my hands will be in water. Ugh!

I have backed up swatches I will be posting this week. It's been a busy few weeks. As a full time hair stylist and freelance makeup artist I've been swamped with weddings, proms and new clients! I'm not complaining at all as I enjoy what I do. I have a few days off so I will try and get a week or two worth of post in.

Thanks for reading!


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