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Fingrs nail wrap

I feel like I haven't had a post in a while. I've been back on my healthy lifestyle kick and I've been really trying to focus on that. Planning meals is not really hard work but making the effort to eat what you've planned is where it gets tricky! Anywho on to this spring Mani!

Sunday I took my grandmother out for her monthly shopping and we were in Family Dollar and of course I headed to the beauty isle. Low and behold sat these nail wraps by Fingrs! I had to have them! Animal print?! Yes in deed! I bought 2 packs because I'm positive I will have them in rotation with my mani's!

These how ever does not come with a file. Which is fine with me because I have plenty of files. But I will say in my excitement I was eager to try them out before I got home so at a red light I peeled and applied one in the car with no file and I just tugged on it and used another finger nail to get rid of the edges. Genius, I know! Ha! So with that being said, I would keep these in my purse in the future for a quick mani if I ever had a bad nail day, in need of a change of polish or an impromptu meeting or dinner date.

The stick-ness is pretty good. They applied very well and actually stayed for a day or two with no top coat! After day two, because my hands stay in water I could tell they were peeling. I took them off and they peeled right off. I'm sure had I applied top coat they would have never peeled. Being I just wanted to try them out I felt as though they lasted as expected. Today with this mani I applied top coat(schez vite). At first it looked as though the schez vite made them look like they were cracking but once the schez vite dried they smoothed right on out and I'm very pleased with the out come!

I can't wait to try out my other design I bought! The bright green polish is by Famous polish and the color is called Baby green. I didn't notice a name on the pack of nail wraps but the number is 226 which is in the top right corner of the pack.

Fingrs nail wrap

If you haven't tried these nail wraps give them a try!


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