Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow



Today I have a swatch of Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear nail lacquer in Mellow Yellow.

I think this may be one of the most pigmented yellow I've used so far. I'm only wearing two coats in the picture but with one coat you can definitely see the yellow.

Also I didn't use a base color like white to get the color to be vibrant. Usually with most yellow polish I have to add a base color to even begin to see the yellow or either I have to use several coats along with the yellow to see the yellow.

I think this is the perfect yellow for spring and summer. You will definitely be seeing this yellow in some up coming spring and summer nail designs.

I also used this yellow when I did my red and yellow lightning bolt nails. So the possibilities of this yellow with a few of my chevron nail vinyls! I can't wait!

The price of this polish varies from store to store. I believe I got this at Walmart and may have cost me $3-$4. But check around because sometimes certain drug stores may have this brand on sale.

Happy Shopping!


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