Monday, March 3, 2014

Nail Vinyls



Let me start by saying that I'm not being paid to review this product. I'm not endorsed by this company and I've always purchased these products with my own money. Now that's out the way....on to my review!

When I decided to start my blog and sort of joined the nail community, Nail Vinyls kept popping up on my Instagram feed. Being in the past I would hand paint my chevron designs and lets just say they weren't the best, I decided to give Nail Vinyls a try.

Once I checked out their website/store and saw the pricing and how reasonable they were I figured I'd order just a few and give them a go. Let me say that I was ever so pleased with not only the Nail Vinyls but my overall experience with the company ! The shipping was quick(I'm impatient, so quick shipping is very important to me), the customer service(they will send an email thanking you for your purchase etc.), the packaging(the first one I received was in a pink envelope, nothing too fancy where my husband would pick up that I've ordered something beauty related...hahaha), and the vinyls themselves are colorful which in my opinion helps with removing especially when using light polish.

Honestly I could go on and on! I've been receiving a lot of nail mail lately and yes I've had a few mishaps along the way(I'm still waiting on a package I ordered February 2 from another company who will remain nameless!) but is batting a thousand as far as the best company I've dealt with so far! I've never had an issue and will continue to support and order from them! Like I said I could go on and on and I'd like to but I don't want to bore you! Lol but seriously if you are scotch tape and scissor challenged like myself, from time to time want to add some designs to your nails I urge you to give Nail Vinyls a try! I promise you you want be disappointed!

I've even thought of purchasing some as gifts for friends, family and clients of mine who love polish and designs like myself. They do make as good gifts to give as well!

Ok off my soap box because this post would go forever! If you haven't picked up yet that I LOVE Nail Vinyls...cue the love music ! Lol. Also you can check out Nail Vinyls owner on Instagram...@teismom. She is so pleasant! If I tag her in a post she responds which I found to be great because I'm sure she gets ton of tags and she found the time to respond! I've done that with other sellers and no comment. I understand people get an over load of tags and comments and responding sometime can be challenging but to be a newbie and a seller/owner takes the time to respond means a lot!

Check out some of the designs I've created using Nail Vinyls!







As long as Nail Vinyls are around they have a life long client!


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