Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lightning Bolt Nails


I can not stop looking at this manicure! The picture really doesn't do it much justice. After I received some more nail vinyls which were lightning bolts and I also received some straight vinyls. I decided that me and scotch tape and scissors were no longer friends.

I'm not a big fan of the color red but I do own a few bottles of red polish. Some red polish just remind me of old lady offense. So to break up the look of just another red I decided to add some yellow lightning bolts. I wanted it to sort of stand out. The color combo reminded me of Wonder Woman .

The red polish is by Nanacoco in My passionate love. The yellow lightning bolts is Mellow yellow by Sally Hansen Extreme Wear.

I tried to do a pictorial , but I can't tell you how many times I kept smudging a nail, or two, or three or not letting the polish to dry before adding the nail vinyls. But I do have pics and I will add what I did to achieve this look.


Apply 2 coats of yellow and let dry. You can add a fast dry top coat to hurry the process.
Apply the nail vinyls to your nails and paint over top the nail vinyl and your nail and remove the vinyls immediately. Do not allow to dry.


Apply top coat and your done!

I hope you enjoyed this quick mani I did. I'm going to do a separate post and review of the nail vinyls which I'm truly excited to do! But if you'd like to purchase some nail vinyls please go to Tell them I sent you!


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