Monday, March 17, 2014

Purple Dottie manicure



Happy Monday! It's snowing here in Maryland. I figured it was a good day to catch up on some post. I'm still trying to tweak my eating plan. It's a process in deed! Some days are good some are a struggle. I actually did some juicing last week and lost a few pounds! Yay! Ok on to the manicure.

I actually did this manicure on Friday for my weekend manicure. I'm still wearing it today! It lasted the whole weekend!

I love QRS and KleanColors polishes. The pigmentation is insane and very seldom do I get chipping with these polishes. For this mani I used "News of The Beloved"(QRS) and "Pastel Purple"(KleanColors). The "Pastel Purple" is the lighter of the two purples.

I used a dotting tool to create the contrast in colors. I also took the Pastel Purple(KleanColors) and painted half the nail on each accent finger and to diffuse the line used the darker purple(QRS) and made dots along the border of the two colors and went with the lighter purple in the missing areas. I also added the lighter purple on the darker side and vice versa.

When you are fresh out of design ideas but want a quick mani this is quick and easy.

Here are a few pics of the polishes I used.

QRS polish




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