Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finger Paints | Brown and Gold Chevron nails

I was going to start by saying how much I love Brown nail polish. Then I realized...I love nail polish period!! Yes green is my favorite color, atleast the top of my list of color that I like but there are certain colors that I love as a polish against my skin tone.
I really like Finger Paints nail polish and have for some time now. I find they don't chip as easily as some higher end brands that I've bought. This Finger Paints polish I used as a base is called Artists's Inspiration . One coat and its very opaque. I still used 2 coats for my base as I wanted to intensify the deep chocolate hue.
As far as the topper of this chocolate goodness I used Famous nail polish in M-5. The base of the M-5 is a brown jelly with big gold hex's of glitter and small glitter.
As for my accent nails I used Sally Hansen salon care polish in Wedding Glitters and topped it with Five star polish in NO.308. I originally was going to leave the accent nail just with the two golds but decided later to do chevrons using nail vinyls.
I'm pleased with the outcome of this many. It's sort of fall looking but still with a winter feel.
Here are more pics .

Everything I used
Accent nail before the chevrons
Thanks for reading and let me know how you like this mani!

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