Saturday, February 22, 2014

NCLA Nail Wraps


Happy Saturday! This is a quick post. I wanted to share my mani for the weekend. I ordered some nail wraps from this week.

Now I've only used nail wraps once or twice so I'm not the greatest at it. When I saw these I had to have them. They are money nail wraps. I've always liked the nail designs of money but never wanted to photo copy money. So when I saw these they were perfect.

You get 26 nail wraps in the packaging. You can do a full set or either use a few and a regular mani as I did or even cut them in designs and shapes to add on top of any color.

Now I had a bit of a struggle getting the wraps off. Some came right off and some came up with the paper. But I posted on Instagram my struggle and NCLA responded right away and said they would resend me another one. I love excellent customer service!!

I don't know what I did but I've had this happen with a cheaper brand so it may be me. I would definitely order from them again. I did manage to get a few more off with out the paper but they weren't the sizes I needed.


All in all I really liked these nail wraps! I'm a hairstylist full time and therefore I keep my hands in water constantly. I worked with them on today and even had to use chemicals today and they didn't budge!



I'm excited to try more!


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